Cuttinboard is looking to partner with a restaurant industry influencer, salesman or entity to build, expand and improve the best app for restaurant operators.

Keep reading to learn more about our partnership with you.

We want to enable you to increase your impact in the restaurant industry and create new streams of monetization for your influence by adding a high quality SaaS product to your list of ventures.

Why partner with us?

  • You may have thought about starting or leading a SaaS operation, but you found that it is very hard to make clean and solid software that does not brake and that is reliable.

  • You found that it is hard to collaborate with contractors and that the software venture is too complex overall

  • We are very easy to work with, very understanding and reasonable individuals. We are open to hear any propositions/ideas and work with you.

  • Cuttinboard is already a fully built and tested app, a starting point from which we can iterate and modify to create the software of your dreams

  • You just have to take Cuttinboard to a place where it sells it self by word of mouth. When users love a product and it becomes mainstream and industry standard, that’s how you get Billion dollar companies.

A great Product is the most important factor that determines whether a company will reach mainstream status or not, and that is why we are coming to you.

We want to focus on Product!

Allow us to handle all the technical side of business, we will get the weight of worrying about the software off your shoulders, you just have to focus on user acquisition, which is what you do best.

Cuttinboard in a nutshell:

Cuttinboard is the hub where restaurant teams get together and share knowledge about the restaurant operations, communicate with each other, assign tasks, schedule and distribute shifts, and do pretty much anything that involves collaboration. There is nothing like Cuttinboard in the market, and we want to keep improving the product.

Watch this video to learn more:

The B2B SaaS game is broken!

You just have to close with a client that manages 100 locations and that would generate 60000 dollars a year for Cuttinboard. If we hit 1000 locations…that’s 600 000 dollars per year in revenue.

Our strategy to partner with you:

It is very simple, you would receive all of the revenue generated by Cuttinboard in your company bank account

Then we would charge you the agreed service fee for each payout, let's negotiate what would be a fair service fee for enabling you to use Cuttinboard. We would be contractually obligated to offer you the service as long as you are paying the service fees.

This strategy would allow us to build trust before we explore ways to partner such as a Corporation, Joint Venture, etcetera. If you want to explore other ways to partner or if you want to purchase the software to have ownership over it, do not hesitate to contact us, we are open to hear you.

So what do you say? Will we make an impact on the restaurant industry and make the life of restaurant operators better with a comprehensive tool that streamlines communication and collaboration between restaurant teams? Contact us through the following emails: